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The Complete Unknowns

The Complete Unknowns are not your typical band. Made up of musicians from just about everywhere, TCU has, in one form or another, played with almost every musician in the universe. More a concept than a band, The Complete Unknowns may be playing rock one day and bluegrass another. Each gig is different and the musicians who gather to play on a given show all bring their own ideas, grooves, songs, history, and mental illnesses. 

"The Complete Unknowns are like a box of chocolate... you never know what you're gonna get" - Forest Gump

The Complete Unknowns are, have been, or might be: Joe Castelli, Dave O'Donnell, Jim Sventy, Jack O'Donnell, Ralph Piccola, Don Bogut, Chris Cygan, John Marconi, Jon Bernstein


Some Complete Unknowns tearing it up with Mark Johnson and Maggie Roche

Three Complete Unknowns Playing with Kate and Paul and Friends

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Austyn Castelli


Austyn Castelli is a singer/songwriter. She performs regularly at "The Minstrel"  in Morristown, NJ

Her songwriting is getting quite a bit of attention on the local scene and her performances have garnered quite a bit of praise.

Austyn can be see playing solo, or with various groups performing her material in different styles and arrangements.

She is usually seen with her Gibson Dove playing and singing to audiences large and small.

In addition to her original music, Austyn signs with the New York City Youth Opera and has performed at Symphony Space with the Citywide Youth Symphony.

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