Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Email us and we will send you an answer. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where does Further Communications provide services?

Although we are headquartered in New Jersey, USA, we work anywhere our clients need us to be. We have produced events in Japan, and Europe, as well as North America.

Do you work with meeting planners?

Yes, we certainly do. Many of our events are brought to us via meeting planners looking for a great team to collaborate with for their clients. We respect our partners' relationships with their clients and integrate our services and expertise as needed. Our staging and AV experience serves meeting planner well, as we work to help SOLVE problems, not CREATE them! So many time there are challenges in terms of meeting space, setup time, or budget. We've been told that our flexibility in helping to solve these challenges is one of our biggest strengths.

Does FCC use the same crew for every project?

No. We look at each project separately. While we do like to keep the same "team" working consistently on a given client's projects, we select each team based on the needs of the client and the "chemistry" of the personalities involved. Over time, we fine-tune the FCC staff to improve our services and invigorate our creative offerings to our clients.

Can I use a subcontractor I like for part of my event and still use FCC?

Typically, yes. Since kindergarten, Joe has gotten A's for playing well with others. Simply put, our goal is to create an excellent project or event. Sometimes the best way to do that is to work with other companies that are trusted by our clients as well. In many cases these other contractors become our partners on new projects for our other clients. We have made many great partners through originally meeting at a client's request.

Is FCC very expensive?

Not comparatively. Further produces media and events for a wide variety of budgets and purposes. In all cases, we pride ourselves in providing excellent value versus our competitors. We also have many value-added features that our competitors charge separately for. We work within your budget and we keep within the agreed upon budget. No surprises to break the bank after the fact. Tell us your goals and your budget, and we will do our best to meet both with more bang for your buck.

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